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THE LAW OFFICE OF DR. TAMÁS SZALAY is located in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th District, in close proximity to the Parliament, the Central District Court of Pest, the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, and the Supreme Court, where we receive our clients in an environment worthy to the legal profession.


The law office was established in 2006 by Dr. Tamás Szalay, attorney-at-law specialised in company and insurance law.


We provide complex legal solutions to our clients which – due to the practical and client-centred approach to the problems, the transparent discussion of the legal options, as well as the quick and efficient provision of assistance – result in the most benefit to them. In the interest of the representation of our clients at the highest possible professional standard, in addition to the principal attorney, our team also includes three articled clerks and one intern, and we are assisted in our work by forensic experts as well.


This website is maintained by the Law Office of Dr. Tamás Szalay, registered by the Budapest Bar Association, in accordance with the provisions of law and internal policies applicable to attorneys-at-law, which can be found, together with the information applicable to the rights of clients, on the website


Dr. Tamás Szalay graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc in 1999 with a “cum laude” qualification. After receiving his law degree, between 1999 and 2006, he worked as an in-house counsel at UNION Insurance Company. In 2001, he obtained a legal specialisation in company law from Péter Pázmány Catholic University in Budapest. Between 2004 and 2006, he completed a course of study for political experts, organised by Corvinus University. 


He founded the LAW OFFICE OF DR. TAMÁS SZALAY in August 2006.  His areas of specialisation include insurance law, the law of compensation (damages), the law of traffic-related criminal and minor offences, company law, real estate law and constitutional law.

The law office currently operates with one attorney-at-law, three articled clerks and one intern. In the interest of performing our activities at the highest possible standard, we are also supported in our work by forensic technical and medical experts.


The law office provides a broad range of services to its clients, but its main areas of specialisation are insurance law, the law of compensations, and traffic-related criminal law. It represents clients in litigious and non-litigious proceedings, and also offers classic legal services, such as the setting up and amending business associations, representing clients in court of register proceedings, conducting real estate conveyancing transactions, drafting and countersigning contracts and other documents, as well as providing legal advice.

For the above, the law office also has the IT background necessary for electronic company proceedings, as well as for the payment summons proceedings, indispensable for the enforcement of claims, which proceedings are mandatory to be conducted through electronic channels since 1 June 2010.

It is our aim to represent the interests of our Clients in full compliance with the Act on Attorneys and other relevant provisions of law, conscientiously and by giving the best of our knowledge.



Insurance law, law of compensations: the enforcement of claims for damages resulting from traffic accidents, natural disasters and other events; the enforcement of rights against insurance companies through litigation and out of court in case of damage to motor vehicles and personal injuries; representation for the enforcement of claims caused in contractual relationships and in tort.

Medical malpractice lawsuits: effective enforcement of claims against healthcare institutions, based on physical and psychological injuries resulting from cases of medical malpractice, using litigious and non-litigious proceedings.

The law of traffic-related criminal and minor offences: the representation of clients as suspects or as injured parties in criminal or minor offence proceedings started due to traffic accidents or other failures, in the investigative or in the court phase, as well as in mediation proceedings.

Company law: the establishment and the amendment of business associations, the comprehensive legal representation of companies, representation in liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as in the course of voluntary winding up proceedings, representation before authorities (e.g. the National Tax and Customs Administration).

Real estate law: conducting real property conveyancing (purchase and sale) or exchange transactions, the drafting and countersigning of other contracts related to real estate law (lease contracts, options contracts, right of use contracts); representation in proceedings before the land registry office; representation in lawsuits related to real estate.

Constitutional law: legal advising in connection with election proceedings, legal representation before election bodies.



The mother who had filed a lawsuit against the Budapest Transportation Company (BKV) was lying when she said that her child was left behind in the bus stop through the error of the driver, the court of law in Miskolc found. According to BKV, the 22-year-old mother caused damage to the company’s good reputation, since the video recordings made on the vehicle justified the claims of the company. Therefore, among other things, the judgement compelled the woman to apologise publicly.

Radio 1: Mother falsely claimed that the trolley-bus driver closed the door causing the stroller to be stuck

It will take months before one of the victims run over may recover – TV2, morning programme “Mokka”

One of the victims of the accident on Soroksári Street is still at the department of traumatology of the State Healthcare Centre.

Dr. Lajos Zsíros, the chief physician of the department commented on the condition of the middle-aged woman, who had suffered injuries on her skull and facial bones, as well as her lower limbs. It is expected to take at least four months before she can recover. Discussing the topic in the studio were Zsolt Sárvári, driving technique instructor, and Dr. Tamás Szalay, attorney-at-law.

Dr. Tamás Szalay, attorney-at-law – TV station M1, “Ma Reggel” (This Morning)

András Stohl was medium-level intoxicated at the time of the accident.

According to Tamás Szalay, attorney-at-law, if the accident victim suffers permanent injuries, the actor may face up to five years in prison.

The production team of “Tűzvonalban” (In the Line of Fire) held an extraordinary press conference on 11 May, Tuesday, at one of the main shooting locations of the series, the Mosoly Street police precinct in the 13th District.

As has been widely reported, last weekend, András Stohl, the actor playing one of the leading roles in the popular series, caused a traffic accident while intoxicated, resulting in personal injury. The unfortunate event will, of course, also have consequences on the series: based on the decision of the production team and the creators of the series, another actor will take over the role of Stohl.

This is because the character of the heroic ex-commando and police role model, Col. Bordás, would be incompatible with the actions of the actor. Therefore, Stohl – who once again apologised to all in his message read out at the press conference – and the production will part ways, based on mutual agreement, from Season 4.

Participating at the press conference were Jenő Hábermann, producer, Péter Soós and Róbert Pajer, directors, as well as Tibor Fonyódi, script writer. Season 4 of the series, to be broadcast by Duna Television this autumn, will consist of 12 episodes, with six of them already in post-production. Therefore, the episodes already shot will be aired with Stohl in the leading rule, but in the second half of the season, it will be already the new actor playing the role of Bordás.

The replacement of the actor will not affect the production schedule, nor the cooperation between the production team and Duna Television. The decision to replace the actor was made because there was no realistic possibility for either re-shooting the first six episodes of the season, or for rewriting the script of the second six.

The former solution would have entailed an additional cost of HUF 50 million, which obviously could not be fit into the already quite tight budget, while the second option would have meant not only incurring significant extra costs as well, but also much loss of time, which would have jeopardised the presentation of the series in the scheduled autumn time slot. This is why the decision now announced was made.

It is still an open question who will replace Stohl in the role: the names of several candidates have been raised, but the negotiations are still under way. Although “Tűzvonalban” is one of the most successful and most popular crime series made in Hungary in which more than three hundred actors have already played, and the prestigious cast is very attractive within the profession of actors, the biggest challenge is still the scheduling of the shooting.

This is because the schedule for season 4 has already been finalised, and whoever undertakes the role will have to commit to the already prepared time schedule.

Although there is an online voting on the website of some media outlets about who the viewers would most like to see in the role of formerly played by András Stohl, the search for the actor is already under way. The name of the new cast member, however, will only be disclosed by the production team of “Tűzvonalban” once the contract is signed, which is hopefully going to be very soon now.

1:21 p.m.

All of this can be read in the Tuesday news release of the Pest County Police Department.

The forensic expert opinion on any “other type of intoxication”, based on the previous sample taking, will be ready in a week’s time.


In the course of its works, the LAW OFFICE OF DR. TAMÁS SZALAY acts in compliance with the Act on Attorneys, as well as the code of ethics and norms applicable to attorneys-at-law. We hereby inform our clients of the substance and the most important rules of the above:

By practising their profession – with the means and in the manner provided for by law – attorneys help their clients to assert their rights and fulfil their obligations.

Attorneys participate in settling the legal disputes of adverse parties by consensus.

Attorneys may proceed before any court or authority of the Republic of Hungary.

Attorneys may provide legal representation for their clients in any matter.

Attorneys shall act freely and independently in practicing these activities.

Attorneys may not undertake any obligation that endangers their professional independence.

Attorneys shall practice their profession to the best of their ability, conscientiously and in compliance with the law.

In their actions, attorneys must comport themselves in a manner that is worthy and fitting of the legal profession.

Attorneys may not participate in a matter if their participation is requested for a legal transaction that conflicts with a legal regulation or is intended for evading a legal regulation.

Everybody is entitled to freely choose an attorney.

Attorneys represent their clients, provide the defence in criminal cases, provide legal counsel

Attorneys prepare contracts, petitions and other documents.

One of the most important pillars of practising as an attorney is the establishment and maintenance of the relationship of trust with the clients. In order to achieve this trust, all staff members of the law office are responsible for the protection of the clients’ personal data, and are required to keep all attorney-privileged information in confidence.

The law office may only record and store the personal data of its clients for a specific, fixed purpose.